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Die Cutting Services for the Gaskets Industry

Die Cutting Gaskets

The process of die cutting has been a staple in the gasket industries for years. At Ilene Industries, Inc., our gasket manufacturers have the capability to provide large releases of your gaskets at economical rates. With our state of the art technology, our gasket manufacturers can produce a vast amount of custom gaskets in a short amount of time.

Our in-house tool and die shop combines years of experience with the latest technology to ensure your tooling is precise and will live up to the demand of high use. Our capabilities include, but are not limited to:

·         Cutting up to a 30" x 50" sheet of material

·         Custom gasket cutting

·         Cut thicknesses up to 1/4"

·         15-125 ton presses

·         In-house tool and die facility

At Ilene Industries, we are also proud to provide water jet gasket cutting for any projects where you require parts made of materials that are considered “non-machinable”.

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Die Cutting


Equipment   15-125 ton presses
Sheet Size   Cutting up to a 30" x 50" sheet of material
Thickness   Cut thicknesses up to 1/4".

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