About Us

Company History

Year 1980-Present, Shelbyville, Tennessee

Purchased and relocated to new facility in Shelbyville, TN. Continued in the same line of business. Added a distributorship for short yardage gasket materials and terminated the Computer Systems business after the Space Shuttle disaster in 1986-1987 time frame. In 2006, added a Silicone Rubber Manufacturing facility and equipment on site. Production started in 2007.

Year 1972-1979, Big Rapids, Michigan

Purchased and relocated to our own manufacturing facilities. Added new business line: Felt Products and then later expanded into a full gasket fabricator with rubber products, vegetable fibres, and a full line of gasket materials. Started new business: Computer Systems Integration Contractor and worked on several large NASA Programs.

Year 1969-1972, Novi, Michigan

Manufacturing Jake-Bolt Large Machine Fasteners for new construction. Also started manufacturing Reali-Slim (TM) Ball Bearing Cages from Steel, Brass and Stainless Steel for the Kaydon Corporation

Mission Statement and Operating Philosophy

The Mission of Ilene Industries, Inc. is to provide the best quality products and services to our customers. Each customer is to be treated in a Christian-like manner and provided with a promise of product, pricing and delivery only if we have the capability to provide what the customer needs and within the time required. This has been and continues to be the operating philosophy of this company since its inception in 1969.

Via Testimonials, our customers tell us that we are easy to do business with and that we do things fast and accurate. Additionally, we are told that we are very courteous and that we provide a great service. If you experience something different, we want to know about it.

Our Secondary Mission

To remain a competitive company in all our product endeavors by maintaining a constant vigil on evolving technology and new product development. This provides Ilene Industries the ability to offer the best technological solutions as well as price sensitive solutions directly from our inventories.

Ilene Industries, Inc. is Sensitive to Changing Markets

Ilene Industries, Inc. constantly watches the US and World Economies and the evolving markets and marketplaces in which we operate to provide the best available information to our customers.

This allows us to update our inventories to reflect these changing conditions. For example, we moved quickly to provide asbestos replacement materials when the EPA banned asbestos-based products in the US.

We have expanded our facilities to incorporate the manufacturing capabilities of Silicone Rubber to meet the needs of this exploding market.

Modern Technology

Using state of the art computer aided design and programming, we can fabricate your custom gaskets with water jet gasket cutting technology.

Custom Gasket Fabrication

Send us your specifications and we'll help you cut the custom gaskets you need. All you have to do is contact us and make the request.

Free Quotes

Need a detailed quote for your custom gasket needs? Give us a call and we'll give you a detailed quote fore free.



Tel: 800.251.1602
Fax: 931.684.8735
301 Stanley Boulevard, Shelbyville, TN 37160


  • Steel Rule Die Cut
  • Hand Fabrication
  • Water-jet Cut
  • We custom manufacture gaskets to customer's exacting specifications
  • .005" - 2" thickness (any type of material)
  • Any gasket materials in stock can be provided
  • Standard compliance thickness of 1/8" or 1/16" or any thickness
Send us your requirements: quantity, gasket dimensions, material specifications, and material thickness.

  • We build steel rule dies in-house for tolerances STD +/- .031
  • We build steel dies for exacting tolerances
  • We also waterjet cut for tight tolerances