Baring Retainers and Cages

At Ilene Industries, we’ve been a leading bearing cage manufacturer since 1969. Our experts utilize a unique bearing cage manufacturing process to provide functional precision parts to elite companies in the Bearing Industry.

Leading Bearing Cage Manufacturer

Our bearing cage manufacturers guarantee that all of our business relationships are confidential and proprietary to each customer. We understand the competitive nature of this industry and we honor your business with confidentiality.


Quality Craftstmanship

All of our products are made from high quality materials and go through a rigorous quality control process.

Experienced Professionals

We have some of the most experienced professionals in the industry who take take pride in their work.

Award Winning Customer Service

Our customer support staff is happy to help you anytime you call or e-mail us Monday through Friday.

We Are Experts

Our expert bearing cage manufacturers provide the finest quality products by adhering to the highest standards. Our products are ready for immediate use in your assembly process.

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  • Ball and Roller Bearing Cages
  • Ball and Roller Bearing Retainers
  • Ball and Roller Bearing Separators
  • Machined Cages
  • Tapered Cages
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Phenolics
  • Plastics
  • Stainless Steel
  1. Metal Stamping Parts Manufacturing
  2. Prototyping

We build our own tools and dies in-house so we can control precision and the quality of the parts.

We develop tooling, fixtures and a process to assure accuracy that precision parts are delivered to you ready for immediate use in your assembly process.

We do 100% inspection on all parts! Not one part gets put into the box unless it is round, it is flat, free of burrs and tested with your benchmark inner and outer race. This assures us that your part is functional and ready for assembly.

Our shipping department handles all products with extreme care to insure accuracy and the proper piece count of your precision parts are delivered.

We are computer equipped to handle most of the popular CAD drawing formats. If you use one of the less known CAD systems, the software readers are normally available from your vendor. You can send the drawing and the viewer as an attachment to the email that get generated.

Modern Technology

Using state of the art computer aided design and programming, we can fabricate your custom gaskets with water jet gasket cutting technology.

Custom Gasket Fabrication

Send us your specifications and we'll help you cut the custom gaskets you need. All you have to do is contact us and make the request.

Free Quotes

Need a detailed quote for your custom gasket needs? Give us a call and we'll give you a detailed quote fore free.



Tel: 800.251.1602
Fax: 931.684.8735
301 Stanley Boulevard, Shelbyville, TN 37160


  • Steel Rule Die Cut
  • Hand Fabrication
  • Water-jet Cut
  • We custom manufacture gaskets to customer's exacting specifications
  • .005" - 2" thickness (any type of material)
  • Any gasket materials in stock can be provided
  • Standard compliance thickness of 1/8" or 1/16" or any thickness
Send us your requirements: quantity, gasket dimensions, material specifications, and material thickness.

  • We build steel rule dies in-house for tolerances STD +/- .031
  • We build steel dies for exacting tolerances
  • We also waterjet cut for tight tolerances